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PI Wine

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PI wine is a wine of special quality and characteristics. A special technology called BCS PI is used for its production. This is a new Hungarian technology, and so the results of PI wine consumption are based on researches from latest time.

The results of researches show that the wine’s lasting increases by many times and after the bottle has been opened once, the wine can be consumed even after months of re-closing.

Another result of researches is that the bouquet of PI wine is significantly better than those of control wines. If a consumer takes the same quantity of PI wine and any control wine without consuming alkaloids, tobacco or caffeine at the same time, the consumption of PI wine causes no fast drunkenness and no huge hangover; furthermore it ensures a faster regeneration to complete capacity for work.

The BCS PI technology ensures the wine a silky bouquet while the wine remains more powerful and full-bodied.

PI wine is a living wine containing PI energy.

PI wine acts as a living material and so its consumption is even recommendable for people suffering from stomach or bowel diseases. Experiences prove that PI wine does not cause any irritation to people suffering from gastric ulcer.

The effects of PI wine according to the relative lifetime of Fülöp has not been analyzed yet but it seems to be clear that the beneficial effects listed above may increase the human’s life time.

When we are born, our body contains to 96 % of PI water. When we die, the PI water content in our body is 58%. It can be seen that the highest PI water content is reached at birth. The life expectancy of humans can be calculated through the measurement of the body’s PI water content. The diagram shows the relative lifetime thesis of Fülöp. When we measure the PI water content in the body after 1 year of PI water consumption, we can calculate the relative lifetime of Fülöp again, and the result will be higher than the first measurement! We receive 18,3 years as a gift!

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